Top 5 coworking spaces in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Ethiopia
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Co-working has emerged as a popular working concept where several workers from different companies can share office spaces. This brings about cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures such as utilities, equipment, custodial services, receptionist, and refreshments in several cases. Here are some of the top 5 co-working spaces in Addis Ababa.


iceaddis is among the pioneers of co-working spaces in Ethiopia. The co-working space offers a Hot desk and open plan seating arrangement day pass, 5-day pass, and 20-day pass. The co-working space targets the community of entrepreneurs, techies,  investors, and creatives sharing the workspace. Iceaddis co-working space offers a kitchen and personal lockers with free refreshments for users and several other amenities.


Bluespace opened its flagship center in the heart of Addis Ababa “Times Square” in Bole Medhanialem which is one of the town’s trendiest parts. Another office has also been opened in bluespace Grace Plaza, The surrounding bustles with restaurants, shops, cinemas, international firms, hotels, and cinemas. The area embodies the fast-paced growth of Ethiopia’s economy. Besides the office and workspaces, bluespace offers meeting and event facilities that cater to growing business communities.


This co-working space offers modern and comfortable coworking spaces with a relaxed environment and an affordable place to get work done. On the website, amenities offered are printers, wifi, parking, fast-food cafes, outdoor spaces, meeting rooms, receptionists, meeting rooms, and networking events. ShegeHive is located in Mexico Round at the Yobek Commercial Center building.

Pro Office

Pro Office is a co-working space built to fit different businesses. Office spaces are built to fit all types of businesses. Office spaces have offer wi-fi and printer services. Within the package is a printer service that provides wifi. Within the package is a private room offering daily rates, old cubicles, conference rooms, and training rooms.

The Urban Center

The Urban Center provides spaces with unlimited access to the internet and basic office equipment. This includes a scanner, photocopier, and printers. Within the facility are libraries and meeting rooms. The urban centers are not open for external users.

More co-working spaces can be found on here


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