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Top 5 Rising Namibian Startups in 2021 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

TechInAfrica – In Namibia, startups still have plenty of space for growth.

The country is still far behind in terms of active startups compared to other countries, and it might be due to the big amount of early-stage supports for startups, but that doesn’t mean the country is hiding any potential.

Here are the 5 rising Namibian Startups to watch this year:


Chommie is an on-demand deliveries startup that offers restaurants, pharmacies, and online stores a solution for fast-delivered products to their customers. The startup delivery service has been ranked number one in the country, completed 80% of orders on an average of 60 minutes. Their clients include Rocomamas, Standard Bank, and more.


CarYange is a startup that connects the local car sellers and customers in the country. Their platform featured different models and types of vehicles, from cars, bikes, trucks to spare parts and imported car brands. Sellers and dealers can put their vehicles on the platform without commission, making them gaining 100% profit from the purchase.

Jumper Namibia

Jumper Namibia is a marketing & advertising startup that produces quality content for local businesses and entertainment, promoting its brand and products through its videography, photography, and design services. A demonstration of their expertise can be seen in the Cape Town Fish Market 30-seconds advert which showcases the business services in the short clip.


LEFA is an urban mobility startup that provides transportation rides for people in the country. It also offers other related services, such as staff transport services, conference transfers, event transport solutions, and small package delivery services, as well as B2B services. Founded in 2018, LEFA has had clients from SeaPride Foods, Westair Aviation, Greentec Capital Partners, Namibia Breweries Limited, and more.

Tutors Hub

Tutors Hub is a startup that provides an innovative learning platform for students and tutors, allowing them to list their offered tutoring services on the platform. It uses artificial intelligence in its auto-match feature, which helps students meet tutors of their needs and preferences. The classes are offered in a physical class and online class through third-party conference software, such as Zoom, etc.


A country with an emerging startup ecosystem needs more push from both the startups and the government. In Namibia’s case, the existence of an incubation and innovation center such as Start-Up Namibia is just one of the steps for a boom in the startup ecosystem growth. With more hubs in the country, more startups may likely increase in the future.


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