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Top 5 Rising Nigerian Startups in 2021 

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TechInAfrica – When it comes to the Africa continent, Nigeria perhaps is one of the common countries included when the topic revolves around the continent.

The country itself is managing moderately well despite the impacts of COVID-19 on its industries, and startups are still consistently performing their game there as reflected on the Africa Challenger Brands report this year.

We picked 5 startups for our list to showcase the rising Nigerian startups in 2021:


Fundall is aware of the digital bank-saturated market, so they take their brand a step further with maximizing their one-on-one communication with customers, and focused on the social-driven impact on their marketing.

The result is a series of captivating multichannel campaigns that invite customer personal inputs and insights into their services.

It also released a virtual dollar card for Nigerians to avoid spending limits in an international transaction. Last year, Fundall closed its pre-seed round at $150k, with an injection from Black Knight Capital.


Having been in the healthteach industry since 2016, the Nigerian-American founded medical startup LifeBank strives to deliver medical supplies and kits to the needing communities.

They utilize advanced technology such as blockchain to keep records and management of available blood banks and their safety, as well as raising funds to help low-income families who cannot afford the payment, being able to get blood, oxygen, and other medications as well. It received undisclosed funding fromYale Africa Startup Review around March this year.


Utiva is a learning platform company that focused its subject on technology, with different courses that match the learners’ interests. One of its brand highlights is when they made all their courses free for 500 learners with disabilities. Every month, 500 new alumni are created in the company, demonstrating the startup’s excellent service.

Eden Life

Just as the name suggests, the startup creates a service that benefits work-from-home or offline workers who are exhausted or simply don’t have time for home chores. The company runs a full background check on their home managers before being assigned to booked houses.

For now, they offer home-cooked meals, laundry, and cleaning. Most of the investors are undisclosed, but the company has gained traction among the younger working generation to a stress-free life they promise in their service.


Piggyvest wants people to care more about saving their earnings, guaranteeing extra security to save their money online. The startup has 2 million users of their platform, and not only for savings, but users can also invest in certain products or businesses for long-term cash deposits.

The company has managed to raise a total of $50k from seed round.


Nigeria has had some innovative startups thriving in the ecosystem, with exciting hubs and incubators to further elevate the startup growth in the country.


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