Turkey Hopes to Increase Its Relationship with African States

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Africa is viewed as an ideal continent for investment by the West and many Western countries are making inroads into the continent. This is meant to help them in their quench of investing in the continent. It forces the Westerners to try and improve their relationship with Africa. A good relationship is the bedrock of any business between two countries. This is why many countries have started with amending their relationship first.

On his quest to strengthen his country’s ties with Africa, Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a tour into the continent. The president visited Mauritania, Algeria, Senegal, Mauritania, and Mali. During the tour, president Recep held some reproductive talks with the countries. He discovered that Algeria represents the economic and political stability of the region. Turkey is looking forward to increasing ties with African countries in all sectors. They also hope to increase their investment value in the continent.

Ankara is also looking forward to launching a joint project with Mauritania. This is specifically in health and humanitarian aid. Turkey plans to develop an investment network where both the countries benefit. This is because there is an increase in their investment in Mauritania. He also said that the priority will be vested in increasing the Ankara’s good relation in both economy and politics. Furthermore, he signed three deals in Senegal worth $581.8 million. The deal was between Turkish Kolin Construction and Senegalese General Directorate of Head construction.

There was a need for Turkey to balance trade volume and also increase it. The country is ready to play its part in ensuring political stability in Mali. Moreover, the country will strengthen its brotherhood by encouraging custom relations. Erdogan received a warm reception during his visit to Africa. That helped to show the strongest ties the country have with Africa.


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