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Uber GM Alon Lits Step Up As AURA Chairman


TechInAfrica – Safety and security platform AURA has appointed a new face for its chairman, Alon Lits, who is a former general manager for Uber’s sub-Saharan Africa.

Lits holds an MBA from INSEAD and a qualified Associate of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries in the UK. He started at Investec before employed on Uber in 2013.

“I am passionate about technology-driven businesses and wanted an opportunity to provide strategic counsel to a company that’s mission and vision resonates with mine,” Lits said.

“I wanted to work with a brand that leverages technology to not redefine businesses, but that use it to make existing industries more efficient. Aura is an excellent example of exactly this scenario.”

The firm also plans to expand to other African nations.

“I have every confidence that Aura will continue to build a brand synonymous with making South Africa safer. It is already an impressive business and together, we can create something really exceptional.”



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