Uber to Launch its Food Delivery App (Ubereats) in Cairo and Riyadh

Launch of Uber eats in Egypt

Uber is a renowned taxi operating platform. The company has managed to command big transport markets in the world. Uber is popular since it offers reliable and pocket-friendly services. This makes it outplay most of its rivals. The company has developed an app known as Uber Eats. Uber Eats is an app that helps in food delivery. The app will soon be launched in Cairo and Riyadh. The company announced the launch but never specified the official launching date.

Uber developed the app after collaboration with different restaurants. Uber will list the restaurants, and their menu on the Uber Eats app. Users can get into the platform by logging in using their Uber details. This can be done via the website of the mobile app. After the login, users can see different restaurants with their menu. Customers can then choose the restaurants and food of their choice and make an order. The platform accepts cash payment on delivery or using a credit card linked on the Uber.

The app is currently available for users in more than 200 cities globally. This includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Uber Eats have been successful in the UAE. There was a growth in their delivery figures by 169% from June 2017. There has been a call by people in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to have technology which will help them in food delivery. Uber Eats comes in to fill the void by delivering food at any time anywhere and on any occasion. Uber continues to work on making their services to be able to help in solving the local problems. The app will be able to create more job opportunities for the locals. This will be a good bet to the region’s economic growth.


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