Uganda startup Innovex Closes Equity Investment with Gaia Impact Fund

Innovex cofounders

Innovex is an Uganda startup that offers pay-as-you-go PAYG and “remot” a cloud-based IoT monitoring solution for solar companies. Innovex closed a series seed round with an equity investment from Gaia Impact Fund. The Uganda startup is a tech company comprised of hardware and software development teams that offer a service tailored to the African market.

Remot facilitates after-sales support and PAYG actuation for solar systems while reducing the downtime and improving accessibility of solar equipment and solar systems. According to Disrupt, Innovex is already working with solar systems installed in schools, health centers, and rural farms across Kenya, Uganda, the DRC, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

Innovex was founded in 2016 by David Tusubira and Douglas Baguma K. The idea is to bridge the gap in energy access for 30 million people across Uganda. There has been a lot of frustration with the slow approach of the power lines.

Douglas & David took the initiative in helping installers and distributors of the off-grid solar energy systems with digital tools for scaling. There are over 300 active solar companies in Uganda and thousands more across Subsaharan Africa.


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