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In UK, Hybrid Trucks With Interchangeable Modes Delivers To Customers


TechInAfrica – These hybrid trucks are developed in a partnership between Tevva and UPS, capable of switching between hybrid and full electric modes for a range up to 400 km (~250 miles), with the same cargo carrying capacity of the same-sized, diesel-powered trucks. Tevva is a commercial electric vehicle tech startup, and its partnership with UPS brings the solution to the limited range of UPS existing trucks that prohibit them from taking trips from central depots to in-city drop-off points in each case.

Another advantage is, with the hybridized solution, the trucks will be capable of carrying more packages compared to the fully electric ones, and this shall lead to fewer cars on the road, thus decreasing the traffic jam, according to UPS.

Prior to the release of these 15 new hybrid vehicles to its UK fleet, UPS has already made use of electric delivery vehicles, but with these hybrids, they can operate at a much longer range than full electric delivery trucks, which typically top put at approximately 60 miles of range. The trucks can also switch between modes to keep fair of the local transportation bylaws.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

By offering extended driving range versus conventional EVs while capable of operating in fully electric mode when required, the hybrid trucks are in line with Birmingham and Southampton’s incoming policy in the country, as Birmingham will introduce a clean air zone to block commercial non-electric vehicles on its city center next year. When deployed in emission-free zones and dense city cores, the trucks will not have a problem adjusting to the environment, according to its switching mode flexibility.

But the striking difference between these hybrids and the standard hybrid lies their capability of being fully autonomous when switching between purely electric motors and their diesel hybrid powertrains and can do so with geofencing whenever they cross into and out of clean air or reduced emissions regulated zone.

Around Tamworth and Southampton, these 15 hybrids can be spotted delivering to customers, forging as part of UPS effort to decrease carbon footprints and becoming environmental friendly in the process.



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