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Android 10 Highlights: Night Mode, Smart Reply, And More


TechInAfrica – Now up on the market, the latest release from Google, Android 10 comes with improved battery life, night viewing, and updated gesture navigation.

To enjoy this release, a customer’s phone should at least support Google’s latest version of its mobile OS, and the only phones with this specs are mostly Pixel, which is Google’s.

Most of the tweaks could hardly be noticeable if compared to the older releases, since the special features are left quite hidden and off by default, as evident in the beta phase.

The features in beta phase 

The two features will be available later this year. With Focus Mode, it allows user to mute specific app for a certain time, and user can automatically caption videos and audio across all apps with Live Caption. For example, you can mute notifications from YouTube at work, and this might help improve your productivity.


Dark mode, improved gesture navigation, new Smart Reply

Nowadays, dark mode is becoming more popular users, as workloads and more time spent on screens demand lots of energy, and to avoid getting your eyes wasted, the dark viewing feature on Android 10 gets support from some apps, such as Photos, Calendar, and Fit, with automated switch. Unfortunately, the functionality is still limited, as a prominent app like Gmail doesn’t support it, yet. The feature comes with improved battery life for your OLED phone.


On the optional side, we have the updated gesture navigation, now swiping left and right from the screen instead of pressing the back button. A longer press on the screen side would open the navigation drawer, but it’s a bit tricky here, so try swiping it at an angle above 45 degrees. The old three-button navigation is still accessible, so it’s not a worry if users want to relief the nostalgic experience.

The updated feature of Smart Reply also suggests action based on user’s notification and this works for all the popular messaging apps. If the notification includes a link, user is then suggested to open on web browser, and if it’s an address, Google Maps suggestion may appear.

On updates and foldable phones, with the usual font tweaks

Android 10 can now push important security and privacy fixes from its updated systems on Google Play. The update allows Google Play to patch issues without going through the system update process like the former, cutting the slow upgrade cycles fare. User can choose to share location data only when using them and it grants user the control for web and app history managing, and ad settings in its new Privacy section.


Even though we are yet to see foldable phone rolling in the market, Android 10 already embrace their upcoming releases with native support for foldable phones.

Within the smaller chunks of tweaks, Android 10 brings new fonts and some changes in the visual department.

So there we have it! Are you excited about this release or thinks it’s just another hullabaloo?



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