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Google Closes Down Google Hire by 2020


TechInAfrica – Google Hire, a program launched by the search engine giant in July 18th 2017, is an applicant tracking system developed by Google that helps small to medium businesses (SMBs) to distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships with candidates, and efficiently manage the interview process—all while manifesting familiar Google solutions like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Hangouts. Google Hire, however, is imminent to shutdown by September 1st, 2020 as claimed by a statement released by the company.

As stated in the support document, Google claimed, “we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset Hire by Google on September 1st, 2020. While Hire has been successful, we’re focusing our resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio.”

The company also states that they’re grateful for its customers, advocates, and champions who has provided support for Google Hire along the way.

But users, recruiters, and candidates alike mustn’t fret—as people can still use the services of Google Hire until the end of their contract or until the referred shutdown date; whichever comes first. Additionally, if customers’ contracts end before September 1st, 2020, Google will charge no additional fees in extending and renewing their contracts.

Google Hire desktop interface via

An alternative to this is to terminate one’s contract if one has been registered to Google Hire’s services. Google promises there will be no charges applied if a customer wants to abruptly cancel their agreement.

Furthermore, the company also stated:

After your next bill, there will be no additional charges for your standard usage of Hire up until the end of your contract term or September 1, 2020, whichever comes first.

Google Hire will no longer exhibit new and additional features nor functionality. They, however, will stick to maintain their SLA as defined by their terms.



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