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Standard Bank Offers Purchases for Smartphones


TechInAfrica – Standard Bank, posing as Africa’s biggest lender by assets, is also a South Africa-based company offering various financial services. With its headquarters situated in Johannesburg, the firm is now offering purchase options for smartphones of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei brands. Consumers can now make transactions revolving the referred brands, while financing the device over a 24-months lease using the newly-augmented extended payment system on Standard Bank credit card accounts.

Offering an enticing eleven-percent yearly interest rate, Standard Bank also offers a feasibility to request a limit increase where customers may deem it necessary. In addition, the bank’s customers will be able to enjoy the benefit of free voice and data to the value of their monthly banking fees.

Cited from their official website, the bank claimed:

The Standard Bank Device Store offers you some of the latest mobile devices, no contracts, buy upfront, or pay it off monthly using your Standard Bank Credit Card…at a special rate of 11%. Standard Bank Mobile Customers qualify for even further discounts on their purchases! What are you waiting for, spoil yourself…you deserve it.

Standard Bank; doing business in Angola via

Along with the new system, Standard Bank also manifests new, integrated benefits towards the Standard Bank Mobile operating structure. Such benefits include:

  • 10% discount on handsets
  • Free voice and data to the value of a customer’s monthly account fees
  • 1MB of data for every R10 swipe
  • Ucount tiered points and up to 2GB of free data

Stephen Bailey, Standard Bank Mobile CEO, asserted that the system is designed for customers to be rewarded for carrying on with their daily lives; grocery purchases, fuel, or even smartphone purchases will serve as a framework towards building a comprehensive, affordable mobile experience in the markets.

In the near future, Standard Bank will also introduce more flexible payment options—as well as handset insurance opportunities.



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