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The data-free MoyaApp is redefining digital marketing


Every day, South African mobile users run out of mobile data, which means that a lot of their digital marketing doesn’t work because they don’t have enough data. Nicholas Bednall, the chief commercial officer of MoyaApp, a well-known mobile start-up in South Africa, has raised this.

According to statistically meaningful research, 8% of South African mobile customers run out of data daily, while 36% only recharge their data once a month. This lack of data has been compared to power outages, disrupting everything, including engagement with digital media that requires paid data.

This can be a problem for brands that want to sell to many people. People have always used traditional media like TV, radio, and print, but now digital sites like Google and Facebook are also important. But it’s not always right to think that people always have information.

MoyaApp has solved this problem by having the lights on all the time. The data-free super app lets 6.5 million monthly active users and 4 million daily active users find and connect, even when they don’t have any energy or data left.

Bednall says that MoyaApp users can use chat, talking, content, services, and MoyaPay accounts without paying for data. This means marketers can connect digitally with the South African mass market without interruption.

Unilever, Shoprite, and Capitec are among the companies on MoyaApp.

South African marketing and business leaders should be very interested in the results of a new partnership between South African Loyalty Whitepaper (Truth and BrandMapp) and BrandMapp. This partnership will show why people shop, bank, and buy goods where they do.

Bednall says that MoyaApp is different from other platforms because it lets users find things they are interested in through a feature called “Discovery.” Then it allows them to click on ads that might interest them. If they relate, the seller and the possible customer can talk to each other right away.

From here, the conversation could move on to a request for more information through Moya Chat, a candid discussion, or even a buy through MoyaPay, all within the same app. With more than 300 web services and apps, users can look through virtual “aisles” of goods and services and choose the ones they want to learn more about.

MoyaApp has reached 10 million downloads in just four years. MoyaPay, which is newer, has 350 thousand registered users and is adding 6,000 new users daily. Much of this growth has come from word of mouth, and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. With this kind of reach, MoyaApp will likely become essential to every brand’s digital marketing strategy in the coming years.

MoyaApp is a mobile app that started as a data-free messaging service. It has since grown into a super-app that gives users access to over 300 content services, such as news, entertainment, live sports results, education, weather, jobs, health info, products, and services, all free.

MoyaPay, a mobile money account, is one of Moya’s most essential services. It lets users receive money, send money, buy value-added services, and use a prepaid Mastercard linked to their MoyaPay account with minimal transaction fees and no data charges.




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