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In the push for automation, Google releases new AI tools to help marketers.


If you use Google advertising, you’ll have to worry less about the placement of your advertising now that Google has introduced new AI-powered features.

With over 246 million unique visitors per month and the ability to reach 80% of internet users daily through its Display Network, these two AI-powered features will help brands reach an even bigger audience. At the same time, advertisers sit back and let technology do the work.

Google has already given marketers AI-based tools, but now the tech giant is taking things to the next level by using this advanced technology to help brands reach more specific goals with their ads.

The first tool, Demand Gen, uses artificial intelligence to find the best places to put picture and video ads across Google’s many services, such as Gmail, the YouTube feed, and Shorts.

Google didn’t stop there. It has a second tool that works on video ads and tries to get as many people to watch them as possible and get great results. Using AI algorithms, Google’s system finds the best places to put ads for maximum exposure and audience reach.

Early testing of these features has already shown that brands that use this tool get a 40% rise in video views.

Google gives advertisers more power by taking care of the small details of ad placement. This means that advertisers don’t have to spend as much time thinking about where their ads should go and can focus on what matters: making great marketing strategies and telling exciting brand stories.




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