UNOPS invites applicants for the Global Innovation Challenge

Through the challenge UNOPS aims to address the adverse impacts of climate change on people, communities and nations

global innovation challenge

UNOPS innovation challenge aspires to unite entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and programmers to come up with innovative solutions that have a positive impact on Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

global innovation challenge

What are the areas of focus/interest?

Enterpreneurs and innovators are aiming to develop new technologies that create infrastructure, networks, and systems capable of withstanding stresses and shocks. The solutions arrived at the need to demonstrate an upside of their use irrespective of the level of sophistication.  The technologies should demonstrate the capability to prepare and adapt accordingly to challenges brought about by climate change.

Today data on climate and natural resources from oceans and forests can easily be captured and analyzed. An accurate analysis of data plays a significant role in the design and build of resilient infrastructure and supporting networks. Top viable climate solutions are reliable power generation, emergency responses among others. That way one can improve access to drinking water that is safe and clean. Solutions selected need not be commercialized and should be treated as commercial.

Partners and sponsors

Sony Corporation is one of the major partners behind the Global Innovation Challenge. The deal was entered into after signing a cooperative agreement. Only select companies will have an opportunity to participate in the UNOPS Global Innovation Incubator Programme.

Anyone who intends to participate should have completed their submissions by July 31, 2020.


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