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Venture for Africa to link Africa’s startups with global talent

he program which is designed to take three months is now open for willing applicants

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Venture for Africa wants to link global talent with top African startups.

The program which is designed to take three months is now open for willing applicants. According to the program’s team, the goal is to partner with rapidly growing startups in Africa to offer their teams’ access to several skills.

Applicants can get several services which include financial services, marketing, operational skills among others. Interested applicants are free to apply online for any roles depending on their field of need.

Through the online application process, fellows can be fast-tracked for full-time open roles in the selected tech startups. Its first cohort fellowship program will be remote as the world combats the spread of COVID-19.

Some of the selected startups that will benefit from the first program are Turaco, OkHi, and Sokowatch all based in Kenya.

Venture for Africa saw the need most African startups were facing and sought to bridge the talent gap. Aggravated by the Covid-19 crisis, most people with top-notch skills have been rendered jobless with their talents being under-utilized. Venture for Africa has found the opportune time to tap into this talent and help African startups grow.

The participating startups together with Venture for Africa are determined to bridge the talent gap within the shortest time possible.

To make the whole process efficient and time-saving, applications are processed very fast. Applicants get fast-tracked and know their status in a time frame of two weeks from the application date.

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