Versofy SOLAR Illuminates Residences and Empowers Local Neighborhoods

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Versofy SOLAR, a South African firm dedicated to solar energy solutions, has achieved notable progress in the renewable energy sector since its establishment in 2021. Having effectively deployed more than 50,000 solar panels in around 4,000 households nationwide, the company produces an impressive annual output of 35 million kWh of electricity. This milestone signifies a significant step forward in sustainable energy and a move towards enhanced energy self-sufficiency in South Africa.

Versofy’s mission extends beyond the provision of solar energy. Under the leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Ross Mains-Sheard, the company is dedicated to social empowerment. Central to this commitment is their backing of Safe Study, an after-school center in Johannesburg’s Victoria Yards, Bez Valley. This facility caters to children deprived of basic home comforts, offering academic support, cultural enrichment, and diverse creative activities. Unfortunately, Safe Study grappled with substantial challenges arising from frequent power outages, lasting up to five hours daily.

Versofy generously contributed by installing a solar system at the center in response to the significant effects of power disruptions. This initiative has guaranteed a continuous power supply, crucial for essential services such as lighting, internet access, and meal preparation. Nicola Valentine, co-founder of Safe Study, sincerely appreciated Versofy’s assistance, emphasizing its pivotal role in improving learning and growth opportunities for children.

Versofy plans to extend its philanthropic initiatives, supporting various charities every month. The forthcoming recipient is the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff, which is dedicated to nurturing babies in anticipation of adoption or those removed from challenging family circumstances. Additionally, the organization offers assistance to pregnant girls facing destitution or crises.



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