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Vodacom Tanzania: 20 Years And Counting, Open APIs For Businesses

source: LinkedIn (Hisham Hendi)

TechInAfrica – As Vodacom Tanzania celebrates its 20th years on Friday (09/20), the company also came up with integrated APIs that invites startups and developers’ contributions to address the challenges in society.

“M-Pesa open APIs are a necessary component of a robust digital ecosystem and critical to the health of the surrounding economy,” said CEO of Vodacom Tanzania Hisham Hendi.

“Through opening our APIs, the financial technology fintech space, in particular, will be afforded the ability to consider pursuing a whole new set of opportunities that were previously not possible.”

Hisham thanked the team effort and dedication in the development and integration of the platform, which can be accessed here.

“We will continue delivering on our promise in digitizing Tanzania, bringing to the market solutions and services that not only meet our customer current and future demands.”

The open API allows businesses and developers to enhance their core services.

Vodacom Tanzania M-Commerce Director Epimack Mbeteni commented on the platform utilities, saying, “We are now opening up M-Pesa to the ‘world’. The fintech society, developers, and different businesses can now seamlessly connect with the largest mobile money platform in the country.

According to Mbeteni, the API provides a new set of functions called direct debit API that assists business in payment collection.

source: LinkedIn (Hisham Hendi)

“We hope that this will drive more innovation in Tanzania.”


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