WAZIHUB Launches a Call for Applications to Create Nodes in Africa


TechInAfrica – The WAZIHUB project has launched a call for applications for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, universities, and tech centers to create nodes in Africa. The aim of the initiative is to provide a platform for exploring IoT applications.

Prior to the launching, Waziup IoT technology has been used and brought impactful outcomes, including in innovation and growth of tech business on the continent. With its network of hubs across several African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Uganda, it manages to help entrepreneurs, startups, developers, and enthusiasts to come up with the problem-solving solutions for local communities.

According to Statista 2019, there will be an estimation of 75.44 billion connected devices by 2025. Thus, Waziup wants to encourage and support these tech-related people with necessary training and technology in order to keep up with the Internet of Thing era.

WAZIHUB Launches a Call for Applications to Create Nodes in Africa
WAZIHUB Launches a Call for Applications to Create Nodes in Africa (Supplied Image)

The application is now opened to both individuals and organizations interested in taking part in the IoT innovations in the African communities. The WAZIHUB Nodes provide free access to the Waziup’s dynamic IoT ecosystem community in Africa and Europe. The submission process will be opened until September 8th, 2019.

It gives the opportunity for tech-related individuals and organizations to get training, strengthen ideas, and make the innovations come to life through rapid prototyping. All participants will be part of the exciting ecosystem in Africa with great support.

Dr. Abdur Rahim, Project Coordinator of WAZIHUB says: “We are working to create a Pan-African IoT startups ecosystem with a vision to solve local problems using local resources and skills, to keep the solution cost-effective.”


The WAZIHUB project aims at enabling startups & entrepreneurs to innovate and build low- cost, end to end IoT prototypes using the WAZIUP and Fiware technology. Fully funded by the European Union for 3 years, it is the continuation of the WAZIUP project also funded by the EU which the main objective was to empower affordable and open IoT solution adoption in Africa.

WAZIHUB is a consortium of 9 African partners and 4 European partners all devoted to provides startups & entrepreneurs with:

  • Technology Transfer: IoT technologies materials and the WAZIUP platform are made available to the community.
  • IoT Development Skills: participants benefit and gain new skills and experience from hands-on training via online courses, bootcamps, and workshops.
  • Professional Growth: participants join an ecosystem of like-minded enthusiasts who share common interests and get to learn from each other to enhance their profession in IoT.


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