WhatsApp Introduces Innovative Local Data Transfer Method Using QR Codes


WhatsApp has unveiled a faster, QR code-based approach to migrate chat data from an old phone to a new one. This advancement allows users switching to a new device with the same operating system to shift their WhatsApp data over a local Wi-Fi network.

Both devices should be powered on and connected to the identical Wi-Fi network for migrating chat history. Open WhatsApp on the older device and navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat transfer. Upon completing these steps, a QR code will appear. This QR code needs to be scanned from the new phone to finalize the migration process.

WhatsApp assures that this technique is safer than third-party alternatives since the data, which is encrypted, is exclusively exchanged between the two devices via your local network.

In the past, WhatsApp depended on cloud backups to migrate data from one device to another running the same operating system — iOS or Android. This marks the first instance of WhatsApp introducing a method that allows local transfer for such transitions.

The company accommodates migration from iOS to Android and vice versa, but both techniques are more intricate than simply scanning a QR code.

WhatsApp also provides a multi-device feature for a single account, enabling the synchronization of messages sent and received from a single phone number across multiple devices. In April, the company updated this feature to include multiple phones.




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