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“WhatsApp Introduces Feature for Transmitting Brief Video Notes in Conversations”


WhatsApp, the widely-used messaging service, has introduced a new feature allowing users to capture and distribute personal videos of up to 60 seconds directly within their conversations. The company believes this will enhance communication methods on its platform.

The new feature will be progressively launched today and is expected to reach all users within the next few weeks. The platform assures that these video messages will benefit from end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Video messages similar to audio messages

According to the instant messaging service, dispatching a video message is as simple as sending a voice one. 

To execute this, users must tap to shift into video mode and maintain a hold to record their video. There’s an additional option to swipe up for a hands-free recording experience. By default, videos will play silently when accessed in a chat; however, sound can be initiated by tapping on the video.

The unveiling of this new feature is part of WhatsApp’s recent trend of introducing numerous enhancements to its application. For instance, the firm recently debuted a feature that promptly mutes calls from unidentified numbers. It also lets users modify a message up to 15 minutes post-dispatch. In addition, rumours are suggesting that WhatsApp is in the process of integrating usernames into its system.

Additionally, the Meta-owned messaging service has introduced novel account security aspects, providing users with increased privacy and protection measures on the widely-used application.

These measures consist of supplementary notifications that might be triggered if an attempt is made to transfer their account to a different device, unseen backend inspections to ward off any device malware from affecting the platform, and automatic security code verification for rapid confirmation of a secure connection. 

These advancements are structured upon the basic framework of default end-to-end encryption that safeguards personal messages against potential threats.

Furthermore, Meta has recently reported that WhatsApp Business, a platform tailored for small-scale enterprises, has reached a 200 million monthly active users milestone. This is a significant growth from the 50 million users amassed in 2020, a mere two years following its inception in 2018.




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