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Why You Should Love the LG Wing? 

credit: LG

TechInAfrica – Lately, LG has launched its LG Wing, a smartphone form-factor that consisted of a swivel screen. This smartphone is considered to be the perfect device for technology lovers and content creators because of its ground-breaking specification. 

With that said, here are three reasons to love the LG Wing:

  1. Pro Stabilisation Recording

The LG Wing’s swivel position captures the video with absolute steadiness.

When the device is on the swivel mode, the normal camera application disappears and a new video-only application available, disclosing a gimbal controller interface with joystick controls. It enables users to move the 12MP rear camera left, right, up, and down without moving their hands.

The bottom display can be gripped by users only with one hand and imitated the gimbal control by using their thumb while recording landscape-oriented video with the main display as a viewfinder.

  1. Dual Lens Shooting 

LG Wing becomes the perfect device for TikTokkers and vlog enthusiasts since it has a dual dual-lens video recording. 

Besides its video stabilization feature, LG Wing also enables its users to record video using the front-facing and rear lenses at the same time. It means that users are allowed to record anything in front of them while capturing their facial expressions. 

Voice Bokeh is also featured in this new device. This feature can separate the sound from the noise background, placing the users in total control of vlog audio. Moreover, it is equipped with AI Noise Recognition that aims to make the voice crisper and clearer. 

  1. Advanced Gaming Capabilities 

The LG Wing’s swivel feature enables users to game in an entirely new way.

Gamers can see the control toggles automatically on the second screen when they are sliding open the device. It allows them to disable notifications, set the graphic setting, taking a screenshot of their in-game experience, or even search on YouTube.

LG Wing also becomes a mobile gaming powerhouse because it has 5G connectivity. It allows the gamer to play with high-speed gaming. The connectivity is important since the ping rate (or latency) can significantly affect the gameplay.  


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