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“Yellow Card” Attempts to Shake Up Cryptocurrency in Kenya

credit: Bitcoinke

TechInAfrica – A dominant Africa-focused investment platform for trading cryptocurrencies, Yellow Card, has finally appeared in Kenya.

According to the company, Yellow Card has made movements in 9 countries since it has offices in Nigeria, Botswana, Cameroon, South Africa, and others. Customers in those countries are available to purchase and sell crypto via the Yellow Card platform.

According to Yellow Card’s official website, Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency trade on which customers can purchase or exchange supported cryptocurrencies with their local currency.

Yellow Card provides a safe cryptocurrency wallet within the platform for customers to send, receive and keep their cryptocurrency. Customers only need to register to have a Yellow Card account. After that, they can access their crypto wallets.

Once the account has been made, users will automatically have their virtual wallet within the platform for every type of crypto they wish to deal with.

Users can accept cryptocurrency into these wallets when other Yellow Card users send them tokens or from external wallets.

What is a Yellow Card?

Yellow Card is a finance platform that was established in 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. This platform attempts to work with local companies in countries and fasten up digital payments and e-commerce through crypto trading.

According to Startups List Africa, Yellow Card collaborates with local companies, vendors, and convenience stores to promote its vouchers. Once the customers buy the vouchers, they keep them as cryptocurrency through a mobile platform. Customers can make a transaction within the platform to send money to their family or purchase anything they desire through an online payment. The platform allows customers who do not have a bank account to participate in e-commerce.

Yellow Card provides three types of cryptocurrencies for Kenyan users to trade inside the platform. According to the company, there are namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. All of which can be traded without any hidden fees.



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