Orange and Openclassrooms to Enhance Young African Digital Technology Training

OpenClassrooms, Bruno Mettling

Orange in partnership with OpenClassrooms has declared an interest to provide digital training to young Africans. Orange subsidiaries in Africa are in the process of launching training centers for offering online courses through OpenClassroom.  To improve digital transformation in the continent, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs need to undertake technological training. The two main digital technology objectives for African countries constitute of boosting growth and creation of job opportunities. To achieve these goals, training young population will help to improve economic development across the continent. The move will also mimic challenges associated with brain drain in present time and in future.

According to the UN estimation, the African population will be 2.5 billion by 2050. The report further projects that half of the population will be made up of young people under the age of 25 years. Investment in e-education is a solution for future technical and physical infrastructure problems in Africa.  Orange and OpenClassrooms have formed a joint partnership to help the continent implement the project in several countries. The support is geared towards training young African skills digital technology.  The one level of partnership entails students’ access to the OpenClassrooms courses through the mobile technology. For the other level, Digital training centers will only be established under the OpenClassrooms conditions.  The diploma constitutes of commitment, guaranteed employment and social relation programs to the local communities around the centers.

The course structure will focus on quizzes, series of texts and videos. The online courses are user-friendly, allows for knowledge sharing among students and easy to access at users comfort zones. The CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa Bruno Mettling noted that digital transformation is a great opportunity in Africa. The continent should train thousands of youths quarterly to benefit from the project. The CEO of OpenClassrooms on the other hands embraced the partnership between Orange and OpenClassrooms. He also promised the creation of more employment opportunities and economic development across the continent.

The partnership is plotting a new strategy (Orange Digital School) which will help students and teachers at schools and universities.


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