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YouTube’s New ‘Respectful Comments’ Feature Won’t Work Because It Can Be Ignored

credit: Youtube Creators

TechInAfrica – To create a better place to be in and interact with, Youtube adds new features that aim to remind users when they are writing a comment. Nevertheless, this respectful comments feature can also easily be ignored.

At the community post, Youtube writes that the platform is presenting a new reminder in a comment to raise respectful interactions. On Android, the reminder might appear before users are writing a comment that may be offensive to others, giving the commenter the option to reflect before posting.

According to Engadget, this feature is similar to what has been done by Instagram. It also aims to notify users that whatever comment they are about to write may be deemed as hateful or disrespectful.

While it is, in fact, admirable that YouTube needs to handle this issue, the inward critic can’t resist the urge to feel that the warnings can without much of a stretch be disregarded, specifically as remarks can be posted all things considered.

Added to this is that remarks will be directed by AI algorithms, which set aside some effort to learn and may not take hold of all impolite or conceivably hurtful comments. 

All things considered, a comment can, in any case, be eliminated for encroaching community rules if it is not flagged or a user does not receive a notification pop-up at the draft stage.

For now, only Android has this feature active, with no date noted on when it will roll out to other operating systems and platforms, but it is expected.



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