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Zeepay partners with Moove to enable digital payments

Zeepay moove

Zeepay has partnered with Moove, a sub-Saharan car ownership firm that offers flexibility to enable Uber riders and drivers to receive and make the right digital payments. Last year, the company partnered with Uber to give the brand new leased cars for current and future drivers. Moove has also launched in 2 other African countries and has plans of scaling across Africa.

Zeepay offers a seamless payment platform for riders that use vehicles powered by Moove-powered Uber vehicles. Riders make payments through mobile money wallets as Moove vehicles only accept digital payments.

Felicity Jaforktuk, Product manager at Zeepay mentioned “Leveraging our bulk wallet API” so that the Uber drivers on Moove work tirelessly to serve “thousands of users.”

Jephthah Datsomor, Moove’s country manager, described the new partnership as a way of “enabling efficient payments” between both parties, constituting an important part of the “overall Moove experience.”

Dede Quarshie, the Chief Commercial Officer at Zeepay was optimistic about the new partnership to provide a “safe and secure platform” to all Uber users on Moove.

Due to the current fight against Covid-19, Moove vehicles are fitted with transparent and Perspex screens separating the drivers from the riders on the rear seats.


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