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Zimele startups secure major contract to provide transportation for mining workers


Three startups that are part of mining giant Anglo American’s Zimele enterprise development program got 19 vehicles to help them complete a multi-million Rand contract to transport staff at the Kolomela operations.

These start-up companies participated in the program. The contract will last for five years, and it will support Kumba Iron Ore’s plan to boost the engagement of providers from the host community in providing services to the mine. Sizanani Holdings, Immanuel Transport, and Loading Techniques are the three start-up companies awarded contracts.

The head of the supply chain for Kumba Iron Ore, Vusi Maseko, stated that “This is yet another one of those transactions that testify to Kumba Iron Ore’s commitment to developing an inclusive supply chain through the development, incubation, and mentoring of our host community firms and suppliers.”We also work together with our Zimele program to find entrepreneurs and give them the skills they need to take on and finish large projects.

However, we also maintain tight relationships with local business forums in the towns where we host events to support and facilitate these small firms’ access to markets.

The mining company has placed an order for 19 vehicles, including 11 minibusses and 14 buses, all of which will be used for transporting employees both within and outside the confines of the mining activities.

The recipients participated in Zimele’s supplier development program at the Kolomela hub. There, they underwent intensive training and participated in a mentorship and coaching program designed to help them access markets and procurement prospects both within and outside Anglo American.

In addition, they have been chosen to participate in the Zimele Financial Excellence program, which is run in collaboration with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants Enterprise Development (SAICA-ED). The program’s objective is to provide small and medium-sized mining enterprises (SMMEs) with the tools necessary to enhance their financial management systems, successfully run their businesses, and grow holistically to become economically viable.

Zimele has given about R15 million through its loan funding program so that these vehicles can be bought. Absa’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Program approved an extra R14.4 million, bringing the total funding to R29.4 million.

Benleg Technical Services, a company owned entirely by host community members and operating as a provider of transportation services at the mine, will now be joined by the three newly established businesses. With the help of the additional services provided by the three beneficiaries, the mine’s locally sourced procurement program can assist a greater number of neighborhood companies.

The head of Anglo-American Zimele, Larisha Naidoo, made the following statement regarding the transaction: “This arrangement displays collaborative efforts with Kumba Iron Ore Supply Chain, Kolomela mine, as well as financial partners, to cultivate local suppliers and produce sustainable means of subsistence in the communities that are being hosted. Zimele assists Anglo-American business units in achieving their sustainability goals in various ways, and this is only one of those ways.

Immanuel Transport’s proprietor, Leslie Rans, expressed his heartfelt gratitude by stating that he was “given the privilege and honor of being awarded the contract from Kolomela mine and the accompanying financial support to acquire the busses.”

“I feel blessed because you gave me a chance to help other people,” he said, stressing the importance of the contract in creating and keeping jobs in the host communities around the Kolomela mine.

Masala Mutangwa, the general manager of the Kolomela mine, said, “The contract shows how committed we are and how much we trust our local suppliers.”As a business, we are willing to go above and beyond to help our local suppliers get the money they need to start their businesses.




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