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Accenture Introduces a New Blockchain-based App to Help Goods Producers

TechInAfrica – Accenture, in partnership with MasterCard, launches a new application to educate its consumers about the origin of the products they buy as well as to help producers to track where their goods hand over to. The app, which is blockchain-based, works by creating an identity for the producer and track the movement of the products until it’s received by the consumer.

The app is called a circular supply chain capability. It will let consumers get information about the source of the product through a QR code on a goods’ packaging. They’re even allowed to give tips to the product’s producer with the MasterCard’s card payment. To finish up the app, Accenture is collaborating with MasterCard, Amazon Web Services, Everledger, and Mercy Corps.

Accenture Introduces a New Blockchain-based App to Help Goods Producers
Accenture Introduces a New Blockchain-based App to Help Goods Producers via

The app helps producers who want to bring up more transparency in their operations. According to the Managing Director of the Blockchain Leadership Team at Accenture, Christine Leong, the idea behind the blockchain app is that anyone within a supply chain can start it anywhere.

It’s often that shoppers meet with many labels without knowing where it’s actually originated from. With the app, now shoppers can track the products’ sources. Meanwhile, producers can also track their products where to end. In short, it works two sides, the side of consumers and producers’.

Christine Leong said, “The producers are given an identifier that allows them to be verified, also stored on the blockchain. This gives the system another layer of accountability.”

Currently, the service is only available for producers who use the app to track their products. However, the consumer-facing app will be available later until there are producers who already implemented the service.

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