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Entunda Farm Primary School Receives Donation from Helmsman Group

TechInAfrica – The Helmsman Group recently have given away desks and chairs, more than 200 for each to the Etunda Farm Primary School which was represented by Dr. Sam Nujoma at the donation event held at Marigold Hotel in Windhoek. The event was a part of the company’s commitment to support education in the country.

Etunda Farm Primary School Receives Donation from Helmsman Group
Etunda Farm Primary School Receives Donation from Helmsman Group via

According to the Director of Helmsman, Stina Wu, the donation given to Etunda Farm Primary School is their first step as social responsibility initiatives of the company. Not only does Etunda Farm Primary School receive their donation, but later on they will also donate a hundred sets of desks to other local schools.

Stina Wu stated: “I sincerely admire and thank the leaders and people for creating a mutually beneficial business environment for investors. We always believe that successful companies should regard social responsibility as their own responsibility, and the Helmsman Group has been pursuing the concept of “rewarding the society and repaying the society” and has long been committed to various charitable activities to eliminate poverty and improve for Namibia.”

Dr. Sam Nojuma which was the representative of the school gave his appreciation to Helmsman Group for their donation to Etunda Farm Primary School. Nujoma commented: “These chairs and desks will definitely make all the educational activities at our farm school more conducive. Your selfless and generous contribution will go a long way in shaping the lives of the learners who will attend the school, as well as contributing to strengthening the socio-economic fabric of our country,” he added.

Through their action to support education in the country, Wu hoped that other businesses will also invest more on the field as she believes it will generate better quality on education as well as for children’s brighter future.

The Helmsman Group does not only show their support on education but also give access to lower income society in Karibib, Rundu, and Oshakati to possess affordable houses.

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