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How Fast is South Africa’s Internet Speed?

TechInAfrica – In a world full of unprecedented growth of technology, internet speed often defines how well our advancements are in the fields of research and development. Alongside with its implementation for experimental purposes, internet speed also plays a crucial role in the everyday life of our society. Signifying interconnectivity and seamlessness between individuals and companies alike, internet speed has become a tertiary urgency for each of us to have. Among all the other African countries, South Africa is deemed to have the fastest internet connection above its regional brethren.

OpenSignal—a UK-based company which specializes in wireless coverage mapping—conducted a survey on January – March 2019 regarding African countries’ internet speed. The survey stated that South Africa’s average internet speed to be as fast as 15Mbps. Below South Africa, came Tunisia with an average speed of 13.4Mbps, after Morocco with an average speed of 11.2Mbps. Algeria, on the other hand, fell short with a staggering 3.1Mbps on average.

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Despite seemingly slow compared to South Korea with 52.4Mbps or Norway with 48.2Mbps on average, South Africa has actually experienced a growth on their overall speed from last year. In January – March 2018, the speed of the nation’s network came with an average number of 12.8Mbps, conducted also by OpenSignal. The other countries also managed to increase its numbers—except for Algeria, who experienced a decrease of 0.3Mbps between last and this year. Additionally, South Africa’s upload speed was recorded to reach an average of 4.6Mbps.

For South Africa and other countries in the continent, they will need to upgrade their capabilities in the fields of internet connection—in order to lay foundations in competing with other tech companies of the world. Certainly, 15Mbps is not at all bad, but it’s still far from outstanding if we look at it from a global point of view.


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