Innovation is the drive for the future: Education systems need to be supportive

Dr. Myles Munroe, Dominic Wamugunda, Nairobi Innovation Week

“A gift will make room for you” is one of Dr. Myles Munroe’s book titles. Gifts cultivated, grow a fulfilled, purpose-driven and contented society.

It’s the exercising of gifts in people that have born innovative ideas that have impacted the world. Talk of the vehicles we drive, the gadgets we use, the health infrastructure; all these are as a result of open-minded, determined, courageous individuals generous enough to share their thoughts with the rest of humanity.

Education systems really need to support innovation. Unfortunately, education systems in most countries more so in the Third World are more exams and results-oriented than innovation-focused. The whole reason why such countries for a long time have operated on innovations of other people.

A renowned Kenyan author of Daily Nation, Dominic Wamugunda criticizes his countrymen as an uncivilized lot – “Most of them, all they think regardless of their position in society and level of education, is what communities they belong to and their individual stake.” How saddening!

The worst comes to the worst when caught in the limbo of politics. He says everything gets tribal and leaders think on behalf of the people, more like sheep. It is total lack of civilization that ought to stop!

The Nairobi Innovation Week

The University in Nairobi four years ago started an Innovation event for members of staff and academia to showcase their new ideas. Little did they know that gifted men and women had been thirsting for such an opportunity which the education systems did not offer.

With overwhelming participants increasing each passing year, the Innovation event is no longer the University of Nairobi Innovation Week rather Nairobi Innovation Week. The ideas showcased at last week’s event were hilarious attracting even the attention of the Kenyan President who saw its long-term significance.

The brilliant innovations auditioned – in fish farming, production of biogas, computer software and applications for the blind to interact with written text, toys designed to teach children basic engineering – evoke the need for revision of the education system.

It’s about the future – with a consumer market shifting from line production to a desire for specific and unique products. Innovation is central to this. A talent/gift-nurturing education system built on an independence of mind, determination, creativity, courage, and generosity is thus inevitable

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