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Low Connectivity Areas Have Different Design of Uber App

TechInAfrica – Uber has introduced Uber Lite that’s specially designed for low connectivity areas on Android mobile phone as well as limited data plans. The Uber Lite version has the core functionality and features like the emergency button to connect riders with a third party supplier, share trips with friends and family, and other useful features.

Uber Lite Version
Uber Lite Version via

The features of Uber Lite include:

  • Guided Pickups is designed to detect a user’s current location through the request experience. The feature minimizes the need for typing. In case it can’t detect users’ location due to GPS or network issues, it will guide you to popular landmark nearby.
  • Light on your phone, Uber Lite is lighter with less than 5MB. Moreover, with its 300-millisecond response time, the booking process is faster even if you in low or poor connectivity.
  • Maps on Demand is designed lighter and faster. They are available with a tap and not loaded by default, thus, users need to set them by yourself anytime they use it
  • Tap over Type, the lighter version of Uber is designed with a tap button when trying to pin locations. Users can select a nearby point of interest instead of typing the location. The app provides top places of the city that can be accessed offline. Furthermore, the more users use the app, the smarter it gets. It will display the location options that you visit often. Practically, it’s so convenient for users with smaller screens.
Alon Lits, General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa
Alon Lits, General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa via

The General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits explained about the different design of Uber Lite, “Every day, hundreds of thousands of South Africans rely on Uber for mobility and work, and we understand that a one-size-fits-all app doesn’t work for the diversity of network conditions, devices, and rider needs across the country.

He continued, “After extensive research with our riders, it was obvious we couldn’t just make a smaller copy of Uber. We needed to reimagine the experience for South Africa and key markets around the world. The result is Uber Lite. A completely redesigned app that is light, simple, and works on any Android device and on any network.”

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