The Partnership Between Squares Union and Wari to Enhance Money Transfer in Africa

Squares Union and Wari partnership

Squares Union is a fintech startup from Cameroon. Recently, it announced its intention to partner with Wari. For this will ensure that their initial intention of increasing the popularity of their money transfer services to over 25 African states.

According to Freddy Noumeyi, the vice president in charge of operations at Wari, there are uncountable and far-reaching value points within the service desk.These include improved flexibility of cash points operators, efficient and undisputed customer support in Africa, and improved customer relations within the diaspora.

The managers of the long-serving the startup operations had to defend their condition in the partnership. They lamented that the step towards partnering with Wari was the only solution to enhance money transfer and even the invoice services across the globe. By this, it would be intimated that the mission of this set company initialized by three close Cameroonian students would thus be achieved.

In late 2016, there was an interview conducted by the then Isabelle Quintard, reported enhanced cooperation and partnership between the company and most microfinance institutions in Cameroon. Additionally, the managers stated that they are making arrangements to establish other cash points in Cameroon. There are as well attempts to reach the neighboring countries of Senegal and eventually plan on covering the whole of Europe.

The interview gave a twinkling opportunity for confirmation of benefits accrued by the Squares Union. This was in comparison to other operators and competitors in the African market. It is through this that the managers came clear and defined the companies’ ground roots of popularity. The first aspect that was outlined was that of fixed price.  The competitors have set their prices to vary whereas, with Wari, the prices are fixed and therefore convenient for the customers.  The second aspect of success is that with Wari the operational platform is fast, secure and straightforward. It can, thus, accessed from all over the global market using online services.

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