Plan Your Event Easily with 3,000 Vendors by Planit

It targets to gain the number more than four times by the end of the year

TechInAfrica – is a startup company which turns events industry into an online business. It sets in 3,000 vendors on board to plan and design your events, such as wedding, birthday party, engagement, and many other special events. These vendors provide data about their business as in photos relating to the previous work they have done.


As you visit the platform, you will be able to find and rent event vendors like event planners, makeup artists, photographers, DJs, and many other things you need for your events. The CEO of the company, Nkenu Timothy once said “in building our marketplace, we’ve chosen to first grow the vendors, then work on gaining demand to the platform. There are indeed many other ways to build up a marketplace but luckily, no solution is a one-size-fits-all”.

Planit plans on obtaining 20,000 vendors by the end of 2018 and providing a transaction between potential users and the vendors. If a user wants to rent via the platform, she needs to sign up first then make a request quote from the provider (vendor) and wait for a reply.

As for the future plans, the CEO also said “we do have a lot of useful features that we’re going to present to get the platform friendly used. These features are including escrow services, small components of e-commerce and many more. It will be added in step by step over time. We’re mostly bootstrapped and have been in operation for less than 60 days, so we still have a long way to go”

The team which operates remotely will change it gradually as the platform grows to keep it up-to-date with everything related to the events.

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