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TechInAfrica – Technology has always been there with its motto to make things a lot easier. Speaking of technology, internet is a part of it. Many years ago, we used to access the internet via computer but by the invention of smartphones, it is way simpler and handy to access it via our mobile phones. Due to the need for simplicity and easiness, a growing E-commerce emerges to bring back driving physical stores to life.

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As the rapid development of technology, it keeps on improving the experience for both sellers and buyers. Online transactions somewhat leave people doubtful as they have problems with the quality of products, payment process, and delivery process. Therefore, many people still prefer physical transactions to buy things, for example, like in computer village.

Computer village is a market located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The place is well-known as a technology accessories one-stop center in the country. You can buy or sell technology products, accessories, and mobile phones there. Doing transactions in the market is often highly advised to be extra careful because of a high possibility for fake products or stolen devices, etc.

Due to bad experiences and insecurities doing transactions in market village, Shoopas App was found to fulfill people’s need in experiencing secure and riskless transactions. Furthermore, it also gives the best options for price, quality, and availability. The app helps people to find the best mobiles devices for themselves by comparing prices from credible retail merchants. It guarantees its users to shop safely and conveniently.

Shoopas Apps enables you to find the products you need by providing credible sellers. You can book the product on hold, select in-store, or make a direct order to the store and get it shipped right away to your address. To use the app, both buyers and sellers have to download and install it on their mobile phones. Shoopas provides discounts and coupons for those who download and use it. Moreover, it also allows you to explore daily in-store and offers the best user experience.

Download and get the Shoopas App here or on Play Store for Androids users.

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