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10 Outstanding Startups to Look for in 2018 in Morocco

Morocco just as any other nation in Northern Africa stands out to be a potential ground for investment. Entrepreneurs and investors find various opportunities and here are ten startups that boost the economy of Morocco.
Getting parking spaces for your car can be a nightmare in some towns and SpotAngels tapped this idea leading to the development of an app that helps you book parking spaces. The platform is user-friendly, and startup earns through selling the parking maps to automakers.
WaystoCap is an e-commerce platform that is regarded as Africa’s Alibaba. It avails a variety of items for sale and provides a secure platform for payment of goods one orders for.
AlamJadid is a social platform where Arabs from various cities can hook up and meet. The forum provides an opportunity for professionals to meet and exchange ideas on various issues that affect the society.
Doofry ventures in availing restaurant services online by allowing restaurant owners to create online e-stores. The platform allows restaurants to take orders and if necessary chat with their customers.
Mazone Group
The home of high-end luxurious fashion items in Morocco is the Mazone Group. The private sales site avails various fashion items at pocket-friendly prices, and they partner with different brands including Prada, Gucci, Vince, Ralph Lauren, DVF, Calvin Klein and others.
The Blue House
The Blue House in Morocco is a startup that offers people a chance to stay away from their workplaces without worrying about their schedule. They organize yoga sessions, dinners, and accommodation for their clients. It is located just 2-4 hours from Europe, and the fishing village allows the clients to surf and enjoy their stay while in Morocco.
Arab musicians and fans have Ournia as the best platform for interaction and sharing of ideas. The platform also allows one to get new songs from various artists.
For anyone who tends to forget either phone or key in a restaurant or anywhere, AIRMOTE provides a smart keyring that has one button and rings in case you forget your mobile phone. The vice versa also works since whenever you forget your key the phone rings.
Solar-E-Cycle provides solutions for sustainable development in three aspects, and mainly they provide solar vehicles. They also provide solar energy and allow for payments through mobile phones. The application is regarded as a killer app in developing world as the solar car itself is also a job, and most operations can be done using your phone.
Care developed a web platform that allows for creative designers to upload their items and customers vote. The designers are given a percentage of what has been sold, and the platform also benefits from the sales. Designers are linked to customers and the collaborative web operates as buy one give web one item.

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Written by Denis Opudo

Am an engineer who's a tech blogger, hit me up on [email protected] and we base our discussion on technology in Africa and the rest of the world.
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