10 Startups which act as Economic Pillars in Egypt

Egypt is catching up with the latest startup trends globally. Entrepreneurs and investors are tapping the available resources and market gaps to satisfy customer needs. For this reason, we decided to review some of the startups that play key roles in Egypt. Let’s explore the list.


WUZZUF is a platform that models and simulates recruitment requirements for various agencies. The platform utilizes the latest market trends and provides employers with an opportunity to meet individuals who meet job requirements.


Instabug is a forum that allows communication between various mobile developers and customers. The platform, therefore, allows the developers to build better apps depending on what customers need. Besides, the platform allows for discussion and interaction among various developers.


Plug and Play International Accelerator

Plug and Play International Accelerator is a tech innovation startup that offers a chance for digital entrepreneurs globally to interact with investors. The main objective of the startup is to encourage technological innovation globally.


The startup tends to abandon the traditional way of announcing the death of a loved one. ElWafeyat allows for people who are connected to the family to pass their condolences messages and also access funeral program.


The platform of Eventtus gives one an easy time to organize an event by simply filling the required details. Additionally, the attendees who have access to this app can begin conversation and exchange contact provided the details of the event are already online.


The startup is known for being the center of software summarization globally. Agolo’s operations are being managed by smart scholars who make it possible for users to connect to various documents, news, and real-time cloud storage.


The name Edfa3ly is an Arabic name which stands for “to pay.” The platform allows people from Africa and the Middle East to shop online. Therefore, E-commerce is made easy since the startup takes care of shipping, delivery, and submission of government taxes.


Bkam is based in MENA region and it allows for online price comparison. The application allows one to compare prices of different products, analyze and make a choice of purchase.


Books take the role of availing Arabic books to citizens of Egypt. Besides, there are other educational materials that one can access on books store.


Dopay explores unbanked areas in Egypt and teaches employers to use their platform in the calculation and sending of salaries to employees electronically. Therefore, the employees who lack access to banks access their money through dopay accounts which they have to register.

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