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10 Game-changer Start-ups in Kenya’s Business Landscape. MUST READ!

Being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a business and technology hub, Kenya is the next big thing. In its business arena are ten brilliantly-crafted ICT platforms delivering solutions to its populace and worth exploring.
Ranking as top Kenyan lending app on Google Play Store, Tala is unlocking the purchasing power of Kenya; a fast-growing economy. Tala, bases on 10,000 discrete data points of each user to offer real-time mobile soft loans to its clients.
A search in the connectivity space in Kenya would not lead you anywhere far from BRCK, a tech-hardware and cloud services platform. Inspired by looming challenge of affordable, fast and reliable connectivity, BRCK is offering rugged, go-anywhere, connect-to-any-device, reliable internet connection solutions. BRCK has closed the loop in connectivity, be it in the office or mobile in the field.
At reduced transaction cost, Kenyans are now paying for their shipments (a third of the national average price), market products and carrying out salary transactions across the globe. With BitPesa, retail customers are assured of their funds heightening transparency. BitPesa is enabling international transfers (in Bitcoins); fast and affordable in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria licensed by MRB Payments Institution, UK.
Kopo Kopo
With the fast shift from paper cash, Kopo Kopo is making it possible for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to receive payment, manage and process mobile money through software.
Kopo Kopo is leading the merchant service space in Kenya’s emerging market, the first company to offer mobile money payments like MPesa and Airtel Money on a subscription basis.
Angaza, on the other hand, is drastically transforming lives in Kenya, more so underserved communities through life-changing commodities like solar panels and solar lamps. Using the Angaza app, sales agents can register clients’ purchases both one-off settlements or installments.
Angaza believes that their software is transformational and sights work is in progress to deliver.
Duma Works
Duma Works is another brilliant idea in response to unscreened recruitment and qualified job-seekers lacking job networks. Duma Works connects small and medium businesses to qualified, pre-screened local workforce. How cool!
Mobius Motors
Drive Africa-designed, durable yet affordable cars built for the road terrain and income profile of Africa. Designers at Mobius Motors are cognizant of the public transport, goods delivery and mobile medical service needs in this part of the world. Mobius Motors is designing and building for Africa.
Physical addresses are growing unpopular by the day and with the upsurge in population locating people’s residences is an uphill task. Imagine how devastating it can be in, for example, an emergency medical evacuation. Physical locations could also be a cause of disqualification for a bank loan.
OkHi is the perfect solution for this; providing physical addresses consisting of your GPS point and gate photo, at zero cost.
Led by pioneer and former CEO, Branch’s team has been relentlessly working to provide mobile financial services to Kenyans anywhere, anytime. Branch’s milestone in mobile money access attracted leading VCs of Silicon Valley. Branch is set to expand its wings beyond Kenya to the rest of Africa.

Lumeter Networks

Lumeter Networks has established a pre-paid electricity meter that is pocket-friendly and one is notified via SMS of any transaction that occurs. It was developed to supply electricity to persons from various parts of Kenya who have no access to electricity. The startup partners with different mobile operators.

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Written by Denis Opudo

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