Nigeria – A Big Economy! Here are 10 Firms part of this Big Story

From credit solutions to world-class logistics platforms these start-ups are real answers to Nigerians day-to-day hurdles. And wait No.10 is an award-winning one! Check them out!
With transactions in BitCoins, BitPesa is offering instant transfers and payments internationally at way lower charges. Since its inception in 2013, BitPesa has gained dominance in the Nigerian market and far beyond; Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda with a Monetary Remittance Providers License by the UK. BitPesa is making it possible to pay and receive payments/salaries across borders, carry out instant purchase remittances to shipment suppliers and marketing of products across the globe. Having partnered with shipment and payment companies in Europe, US, China, Canada and India, exchanges have been eased.
SureBids is the very first platform introducing retail vouchers in Nigeria. It can be used to collect redeemable loyalty points, e-gifting (gifts for birthdays, for her/him, weddings, kids and special occasions), for corporate rewards and non-cash remittances. SureBids has made voucher redemption easy and simple.
Hotel searching and booking made easy! With a client can review hotels across all states in Nigeria, compare and make an actual booking online upon settling on the most preferred. The site has collated information of the various hotel and recreation facilities handy in clients’ decision-making.
Metro Africa Xpress – MAX
Products purchased online can now be delivered within 3-hours down from 4 days. Making this possible is MAX a retail-delivery platform in Africa. Top-brass online retail companies like Jumia and the Amazon of Africa approve the MAX concept fostering a partnership that sees hundreds of transactions delivered across the continent weekly. Each passing day, more and more retailers are signing up to MAX to offer their clients affordable, in-time last-mile delivery services.
Instant cash is coming the way of Nigeria citizens promptly without the much loan application hustles. AellaCredit is enabling not only the People of Nigeria but entire Africa to get fast credit services. With AellaCredit, even employees can access these services through their employees.
Here’s something for university students – Unified, an e-commerce platform making a university a social community. Students are enabled to share interesting content among themselves with UniSmart.
FriendsVow is connecting people for access to financial credit online. It is systematized to achieve zero% default by users on repayment. You must be wondering how this is possible. Users invite friends through social media platforms, who upon signing up take vows of financial credit, schedule of loan payment committing within specified timelines. The vow is guaranteed through the system against defaulting by the due date. Interesting concept1 Get to learn more about how it works.
Jolancer is connecting young, qualified freelancers to clients with projects within the relevant scopes of expertise. Project owners get value for their money as the young professional cohort makes a living from project-bids.
ACE – Africa Courier Express
All across Nigeria, ACE an expert in logistics services is delivering goods at customer’s convenience with real-time tracking. ACE has won the confidence of its clients offering satisfactory customer service making it highly preferred.
Farmers of fruits and vegetables in Nigeria can now reduce the amounts of food wastage (80%) and increase income by 25% thanks to the Food Waste and Spoilage Initiative 2014 by Rockefeller Foundation. The ColdHubs concept rides on solar to power mammoth cold rooms at marketplaces and farms. ColdHubs are extending the 2-day on average shelf-life of fruits, vegetables and other perishable farm produce (when unrefrigerated) up to 21 days. What a way to put a smile on farmers’ faces!

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