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10 Outstanding Startups in Tanzania that will reap big in 2018


Tanzania just as any other country in East Africa provides a conducive business environment for various businesses. The innovative and creative citizens have come up with good ideas and implemented them. As a result, the following ten startups stand out to be the economic pillars to be watched out in 2018.
First Access
First Access is a Fintech startup that provides smart data for SME and micro-lenders, and the data is useful in monitoring trends. Lenders can, therefore, use the digital platform to decrease underwriting time by 80% through using their credit scores. The African regional office for First Access is based in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.
This is an application that has a variety of African music and users are allowed to download the music freely. Owners earn from adverts which they also share with the music artists. Currently, Mdundo has music collection from 37 African states.
Off Grid Electric
Off Grid Electric utilizes distributed renewable energy to avail power to various parts of Tanzania that have no power. They deliver financial, technical and operational models to ensure millions of citizens have clean energy on 24/7 basis.
SimuSolar strives to ensure people attain sustainable development by enabling easy access to clean and renewable energy and energy-saving appliances. They allow people to finance installation process by enabling three years mobile money installment and the power can be used at home or work for purposes of irrigation and other activities.
To avail electricity to remote areas, Juabar has a charging kiosk that uses solar PV, and the power can be used for charging mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The startup offers the kiosks to franchisees who later own the kiosks after full payment. This is also an effort to expand the startup’s network in various parts of the country.
Solaris Offgrid
Solaris Offgrid enables those who live in remote areas to access electricity after paying using their mobile phones. The system is affordable since it is an integrated pay-as-you-go solar energy technology.
Ninayo redefines the boundaries of Tanzania farming by availing opportunities for farmers and traders. The agricultural producers can post their products in either Swahili or English through SMS or the internet. The platform currently has over 7000 users.
PowerGen Renewable Energy
Having recognized that less than 20% of the sub-Saharan Africa population have no access to electricity, PowerGen Renewable Energy opted to build micro-grids. These link up businesses and homes that initially had no power and the startup also utilize mobile payment system for the clients.
Xtreme Beach Volleyball
The less privileged youths in Tanzania can now smile after Xtreme Beach Volleyball decided to look for ways of keeping them have fun by organizing events and create sports awareness among them.

Pesaply is the next thing money transfer platform to watch in Tanzania. With the vision of being a reputable payment gateway, pesaply’s efforts are directed to enhance payment and microfinance services to populations.


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