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As you know, we are at TechInAfrica, passionated with startups all around the African continent. We have started now that series of watchlist of startups in different African countries, and let’s continue this with Senegal.

Senegal is part of West Africa, and has a population of 16.5 million people. A large number of new spaces have emerged in recent years in Senegal, from co-working and technological innovation centers to incubators of social entrepreneurs. Thanks to these structures, which offer great flexibility, the entrepreneurs were able to transform the establishments in which they settled in communities.  With 17 million mobile subscriptions, which represent more than 101% of the population and 59% of the mobile users connected to internet, Senegal has a huge advertising audience on Social media where Facebook and Instagram represents 4 millions of active users every month. Here are 10 startups that we have selected in Senegal for 2019, that are disrupting different industries with new technologies.

was born to boost your beauty routine and create essential skincare products. We’ve decided to capture the properties of powerful plants mainly found in Africa and incorporated them into our products to share the most effective skin solutions with you.

Spoteat is a perfect blend of Yelp and OpenTable. With this mobile application people visiting or living in Africa starting with Senegal Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast, will be able to have reviews on local restaurants and make bookings using a very simple and intuitive interface. With Spoteat reviewing and booking for a restaurant in Africa becomes as easy as eating a piece of cake.

Loysét is a platform at your disposal to give you the possibility to quickly find in their database your lost documents, which have been collected and deposited at one of the points of deposit of administrative documents found in the street, in the occurrence of national identity cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.

SUDPAY is a specialist startup in Mobile and Ticketing solutions. It develops service platforms and adapted electronic payment platforms adapted to African realities.
With high range of products like digital ticketing solutions, mobility solutions, financial resource collect solutions, multi-operator payment solution, SUDPAY’s aim is to deliver multi-service platforms and adapted and secured payment ways to needy customers.

OniriQ is a French Startup: they provide access to solar energy and internet for rural families in West Africa.
They develop solar energy solutions for African families.

MusikBi  is an application whose main objective is the promotion of the entertainment industry and the media via digital platforms. This platform connects artist and the public. Being the only representative of the great MUSIKBi

Sunubus is a collaborative and predictive mobile application (with artificial intelligence) of bus routes and transport. Getting around Dakar is easy with Sunubus. Follow any bus at any time in real time with Sunubus.

The food shops use weebi to simplify the management of customer accounts.The handling is immediate, just know how to use a calculator to bill customers, follow the sales of the day and the evolution of the stock.
This professional software is also distinguished by the flexibility of configuration.

Mlouma is a web and mobile platform that allows farmers and agribusinesses to make the best decision to sell or buy agricultural products with the market information we provide them in real time.
A social enterprise whose business model is based on subscriptions subscribed by farmers or producer groups or agro-food companies.

By Filling is a Digital Conversation & Marketing Agency for the Consulting / Website / Landing Mobile Applications / Community Management page. Specialized in Digital Marketing they are also the pioneer of Inbound Marketing in Dakar.


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