1000 Families Residing in Nzeto Angola Benefits From Money Transfer Programme

Five Municipalities, which includes Nzeto, got picked for the monetary transfer program in Angola


Lopes Paulo, Angola’s Secretary for Economic Affairs, pays a verification visit to Nzeto. At the end of the tour, Paulo spoke to the press, where he praised the excellent work the technical team did in finding out and registering families in the area.

Lopes Paulo also pointed out that the project was just in its first phase. He went further to declare that five municipalities across the country were picked for the first phase. The names are Nzeto (Zaire province), Ombanja (Cunene province), Cuito Cuanvale (Cuando Cubango province), Cambundi Katembo (Malanje province) and Caculo (Cuanza Norte).

The technical team was able to register 1.6 million families who are in monetary poverty.

The Municipality of Nzeto alone does have a population estimated to be 47,824 and are distributed in four communes.


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