Here are 14 Best Tech Products In Africa


TechInafrica — For the last five years, innovators across the African continent are recognized for their efforts in establishing some of the best tech solutions on the continent through the AppsAfrica Awards every year.

The 2019 AppsAfrica Awards attracted interest from innovators across the continent, with organizers gathering over 400 applications from 52 countries.

This year, which marked the fifth installment of the award, at the award ceremony that was staged in South Africa on November 11, 14 tech products from a total of 4 countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Angola, were crowned the best on the continent in various categories.

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These 14 products were named the best out of up to 70 products which made it to the finals.

Here are the 14 best African tech products for 2019, as announced in the event:

  1. 54gene (Nigeria, Best African HealthTech Solution)
  2. Lori Systems (Kenya, Best Mobility Solution)
  3. Carry1st (South Africa, Best News & Entertainment Solution)
  4. One Kiosk Africa (Nigeria, Best eCommerce Solution)
  5. Aerobotics (South Africa, Best AgriTech Solution)
  6. RippleNami (Kenya, Best Blockchain Solution)
  7. Carbon (Nigeria, Best Fintech Solution)
  8. LightSail Education (South Africa, Best EdTech, Solution)
  9. IDEA Digital Education (South Africa, Social Impact Award)
  10. PM Connect (South Africa, Best Enterprise Solution)
  11. Liquid Telecom (Kenya, Best IoT Solution)
  12. Appy Saúde (Angola, Best African App)
  13. MOJA (Kenya, Disruptive Innovation Award)
  14. Flutterwave (Nigeria, Changing Africa Award)

All the winners at the 2019 AppsAfrica Award are expected to participate in the Africa Tech Summit, which is planned for 2020 in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. At the 2020 event, the winners will have access to sponsorships and partnerships not only from Africa but also beyond the continent.

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