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1TB Wireless Broadband Deal By Telkom

credit: Telkom

TechInAfrica – It is reported that Telkom South Africa has unveiled a SIM-only LTE deal. This SIM-only LTE will provide users with 1 Terabyte (1024GB) worth of data. 

According to the company, the appearance of COVID-19 has increased the demands for mobile data. Data becomes an essential need for South Africans. Telkom expects to provide users more than they bargained for.

This “game-changing” deal with no strings attached has:

  • No Fair usage policy (FUP);
  • No speed limit, truly unlimited; and
  • No contract, it’s month to month.

Gugu Mthembu, Executive of Brand and Product segments at Telkom says that data has become a primary need of people’s daily lives. Telkom has always prepared for the demand in society. The company is dedicated to bring people what they need and subsequently leave no man behind. This 1TB SIM-only deal allows people to work, learn, entertain, and collaborate without the worry of depleting their data. 

Mthembu adds that this is indeed a game-changer; suitable for avid gamers, collaborators, movie makers, podcasters, and all-around heavy data users. If you know that you are an avid consumer of data bundles, this deal is made for you. 



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