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4ORT Re-enters The Digital Scene With Patented QR Codes


TechInAfrica – One wouldn’t think of QR codes without linking it to the digital uses. As much of a common occurrence the QR codes are, one company is willing to guarantee a safer and more secured QR code platform. Based in Cape Town, startup 4ORT now has its platform patented for the global audience, and it introduces a new algorithm into the platform and calls it the dynamic QR codes, which must have had something to do with the way that its integration, protection, and mechanism work fluidly for both the users and vendors.

4ORT hopes to entice vendors with the following advantages:

  • Embed 4ORT ID to existing apps via SDK.
  • Compatible with ALL current barriers.
  • Flexible access timing and control (ie specific barriers at specific times).
  • Intelligent scheduling access control.
  • Location-based promotion notifications.
  • Detailed on-demand reporting.
  • Customer trend analysis reports.
  • Not dependent on users’ network or connection (no delays).
  • Minimum maintenance (no moving parts).
  • Robust modular installation (minimized downtime).
  • Season contract access control compatible.
  • Custom for all kinds of access control (ie from living complexes to major corporations).

“Malfunctioning cards, broken tokens and lost keys are a thing of the past as 4ORT’s dynamic QR codes mean mobile users requiring access to their offices, parking, homes, and more need simply point their mobile handsets at dedicated 4ORT scanners,” says Chief Executive Officer at 4ORT, Andrew Georgeou.

Available for Android and iOS users, for every event entry, ticket transfer, marketplace purchase, and other uses, the 4ORT ID can be embedded  into the user’s app with its SDK and security is guaranteed as the transactions are processed by the vendor and not by the user’s device, as well as the platform’s capabilities to confirm the user’s identity with biometric identification and its fraud-free ID codes that according to the website, can’t be used or re-used through the acts of copying, transferring, photographing, or videoing.


Intended for both online and offline use, as more vendors powered their entrance with 4ORT, using the platform will not be a hassle anymore.



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