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Samsung To Be The First Smartphone Manufacturer Crossing The Holographic Mines


TechInAfrica – The giant smartphone company Samsung is officially on-board with holographic embedded smartphones after its long-overdue 63-page patent proposal finally gets approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September, 19th this year. The filing dates back to 2018.

A possible application of the hologram is its integration with Samsung’s electronic products, from its smart speakers to its docking station. Titled ‘three-dimensional imaging device and electronic device’, the breakthrough of the patent lies in its capability to convert a 2D photo to the aerial image or also known as a 3D stereoscopic image. Compared to other technology, what Samsung proposed would be at utmost, cheaper than any of the current marketable hologram tech solutions, yet independent of the developers’ content. The lack of proper costing and stock 3D contents has always been many of the problems contained within the hologram integrated products when they’re slating through the manufacturing line.


In upgrading smart speakers and docking stations into holographic devices, provided that an edge display, a half-mirror, and a retro-reflective element are present, by aligning these elements in order will result in a reflected image displayed on the smartphone’s screen onto the mirror and through the retro-reflecting element. The docking station acts as a support for the smartphone, where the projected image will then appear on air by placing the smartphone into the docking station. The duality of the holographic docking station also comes into handy when the smartphone runs out of battery, as it will immediately charge the smartphone. Remote controlling will also be an option as long as the smartphone is engaged within the docking station and when it’s allowed to connect with other devices. The patent states that this technology also founds application in the car dashboard, as an integration to the car’s system.

As the first smartphone manufacturer to embark on this field, Samsung might poke on this subject and their plans on the upcoming CES 2020, hosted from 7-10 January.



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