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5 Online Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

TechInAfrica – The holiday season becomes a treasure trove for lawbreakers who see numerous chances to get unwary customers, especially on the web. We have for quite some time been pulled into the accommodation of internet shopping, and the pandemic’s lockdowns have stirred our excitement. 

As indicated by Salesforce’s Global Shopping Index, worldwide digital business has developed by 71%, and the Consumer Pulse study found that 30% of South Africans do shopping online in June.

Cybercriminals know this. So to prepare for the holidays, here are eight tips and tricks to look out for:

  1. If it is too good to be true: Criminals will attempt to bait you with something free, for example, counterfeit vouchers or rebate offers, uncommon proposals on restricted amounts of a search after the item, or prompting you to freeze since something appears to be off-base, for example, an email asserting your request has fizzled.
  2. Never trust the link: You’re not in a difficult situation yet on the off chance that you get a dubious message. An assailant needs you to click a link or install an attachment.
  3. Think twice about fake messages: You probably get a fake SMS that will make you panic. For instance, an SMS expressing your Visa has been frozen, joined by a helpful connection to unblock it.
  4.  Buy from reputable sources: Many fake sites and applications only duplicate the look and feel of the true shops. Take a gander at the site’s location and authentication (the little latch symbol on the program address bar).
  5. 5. Use third-party payments: Even the trustworthy locales might be undermined, and crooks utilize an ‘e-skimmer’ to take your details. To be protected, use an outsider wallet or virtual card for the exchange.



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