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5G Technology for The Immersive Sport Events 


TechInAfrica – 5G is considered as the enabler of uncounted technologies, apart from merely enhancing the next wave of flagship smartphone sales. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one that has been praised for a while. Now, people are waiting for the technology to come to fruition on the entertainment side of things, sports events stand to benefit from 5G too.

According to Kevin Murphy, VP and head of Ericsson Levant Countries and Global Customer Unit Ooredoo, there are some benefits of using 5G in sports events. 

A fresh perspective 

The current situation where many people want to have more digital experience comes after the global pandemic occurred. COVID-19 has influenced many people to be online rather than visiting the physical place to work, socialize, and sport.

The comfort of the couch

Murphy said that 5G becomes the essential tool for the sports sector as it tries to recreate the fan experience at home and the sports arena. Sports events can serve the traveling fan attending every game in person and the die-hard fan catching the game remotely. 

Smart stadiums

Not only did it help people from their homes, but 5G technology also brought another value. The broadband standard from this tech can help design smart city-Esque environments within the stadium for fans on match days. 

By implementing 5G technology, fans will have more experience when watching their favorite sports event, creating new possibilities by connecting sensors in balls, goals, and even players – all in real-time with extremely low latency. Murphy concluded that this technology present enough capacity to the stadium for fans to stream high-quality video and share the views from their seats with others at the same match.



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