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Ad Dynamo by Aleph is now in Nigeria.


Ad Dynamo, by Aleph, has launched in Nigeria. With this strategic move, Nigeria’s digital advertising industry is undergoing a significant shift that will revolutionize how brands interact with consumers in the country.

The vast population of over 150 million internet users in Nigeria creates a thriving market for digital advertising. Aleph acknowledges the potential of this market and seeks to establish a connection between brands and consumers, thereby facilitating business expansion and market growth.

During a recent press conference, Tintin Imevbore, the Managing Director for Nigeria at Ad Dynamo by Aleph, conveyed his enthusiasm regarding the company’s expansion into Nigeria. He highlighted the great potential for brands to reach their target audiences through digital advertising in Nigeria’s digital economy.

By officially entering Nigeria, Aleph demonstrates its commitment to unlocking the potential of the country’s digital ecosystem. Aleph, with 18 years of experience, has erected a worldwide infrastructure that takes advantage of untapped advertising revenue in developing digital economies. This infrastructure acts as a bridge, providing wider access and equalizing the global digital media ecosystem. By offering comprehensive solutions, Aleph has gained a first-mover advantage over its global competitors in the industry.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aleph operates through more than 90 local offices worldwide. This extensive network empowers businesses to harness the power of digital advertising across various markets, including Nigeria.

In addition to the launch of its operations, Ad Dynamo by Aleph introduced Digital Ad Expert, a free digital media education platform. This initiative addresses the challenges associated with digital media education in Nigeria and across Africa. The platform aims to educate and certify the next generation of digital professionals, empowering individuals to compete globally. Already, over 1,000 participants from Nigeria have benefited from this program.

Michael Owatunde, Regional Marketing Manager at Ad Dynamo by Aleph, highlighted the efficacy of the platform in enhancing the skills of both newcomers and experienced advertisers. By teaching the basics and helping experienced advertisers sharpen their skills, the platform ensures continuous growth and development in the industry. Compared to other Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the Digital Ad Expert platform boasts higher graduation rates, lower dropout rates, and more engaged learners.

Aleph’s commitment to addressing digital media education challenges is exemplified through Digital Ad Expert. By providing accessible education and fostering digital literacy, Aleph aims to empower more individuals to compete and excel in the dynamic realm of digital advertising. Their mission is to educate 50,000 digital learners worldwide in digital marketing skills, with Nigeria playing a significant role in achieving this goal.

With a team of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise in the Nigerian market, Aleph is well-equipped to cater to the unique needs of brands in the region. Furthermore, the company collaborates closely with local partners to deliver enhanced brand support and guidance, further solidifying its presence in Nigeria.

The entry of Ad Dynamo by Aleph into the Nigerian market is poised to reshape the country’s digital advertising landscape. With its cutting-edge solutions, commitment to education, and focus on empowering brands and individuals, Aleph is set to drive innovation and growth in Nigeria’s digital advertising industry.

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