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Kenyan EdTech Platform Zydii Gets Pre-Seed Money to Change the Way Employee Training Is Done


Zydii, a new Kenyan platform that is changing how employees are trained by offering digital soft and technical skills classes. It has recently gotten a lot of pre-seed funding, but the exact amount is still a secret. This exciting change was made public on May 17, which brought the attention of investors worldwide.

Dob Equity, a well-known Dutch private equity company, led this effort to raise money. It was one of four big names involved. Kua Ventures, a prominent Kenyan investor, and Kaleo Ventures, a venture capital company focusing on African ventures, went with them. 

Also, the Nairobi Business Angel Network (NaiBAN), a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs from Kenya, joined forces to support Zydii’s mission.

Joyce Mbaya, a visionary computer scientist, helped start Zydii in 2017. The company plans to use the new funding to strengthen its position in Kenya and expand to Nigeria and South Africa. Mbaya herself said that the end goal of this strategic move is to close the skills gap in the African job market and improve the skills of the working population

Since the beginning of 2023, this investment in Zydii has been Dob Equity’s second business in Africa, and it is also their second investment in a Kenyan company. Dob Equity is proud to say that businesses run by women now make up a large part of their portfolio. This shows that they are committed to helping women run companies.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) make up nearly 80% of the workforce on the African continent. They are the backbone of both official and informal sectors. But these businesses often have trouble because they don’t have enough skilled workers. This slows their growth and makes them less efficient.

Zydii’s new platform is fresh air because it tackles this important problem head-on. By giving workers the technical and soft skills they need, the company is ready to make a big difference in the African job market, offering businesses more power and helping the economy grow.

With the help of strategic investors and a clear vision, Zydii starts on a journey that will change how training is done and the opportunities available to both people and businesses. Zydii is a lighthouse of hope as they move forward, pointing the way to a more skilled and wealthy Africa.



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