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Africa data center market to hit $3 billion by 2025

Server racks in server room data center

Africa’s data center market is projected to grow at a compounded rate of 12 percent from 2019 to 2025 period. The stats are according to a recent report by Research and Markets.

Africa’s data center markets are expected to exceed $3 billion by 2025. This is a 12% CAGR for that forecast period. Africa data center has experienced an interest in major global cloud services such as Microsft, AWS, and Huawei.

The rise in data is fueled by demand for cloud-based services and modular data center solutions among SMEs, enterprises, and other government agencies. 70% of business operations throughout the region will shift to cloud services by 2025. Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Morrocco, Nigeria, and Egypt are at the forefront of the digital transition. These countries have registered a high use in analytics and cloud-based adoption services.

Many African countries are far off from a full cloud transition. However, positive developments are expected as inland submarine connectivity will encourage enterprises to migrate to the cloud. Most of Africa’s investment is driven by telecommunication service providers, enterprises, and government agencies. The ongoing pandemic has also increased data traffic significantly.


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